Faster Uploads, Greater Margins, Stronger Sales and Wider Reach

Just a few ways our digital publishing products will benefit your online bookstore

Service Overview

Our Tool-Kit

Our Web Tool-Kit for Publishers has been designed to take the complexity and cost out of delivering advanced features to your website.

We’ve developed a range of products that can be integrated into your site with minimal effort whilst providing great returns.

Our kit includes:

How it works

We’ve built all the clever coding and file processing required to offer these great features into our cloud-based service, making everything readily available to your website through the installation of Plug-ins.

Any files or data that need to be processed by any of the features are discreetly sent over to our site by the plug-ins. Our service then carries out the necessary conversions before sending back the finished result.

Getting started

You can pick and choose any or all of the products available. Each will require it’s own setup and configuration to get everything ready to go.

You will receive a monthly bill which is calculated from the number of files processed each month.

You can find out more about our pricing, or get in touch to create an account or ask us some questions!

Get in touch to create an account and we’ll send you everything to get started!

Social DRM = Great Margins & Wider Reach

SocialDRM disrupts everything you’ve come to dread from traditional digital rights management- Allowing you to sell personalised eBooks direct from your store to a wide range of devices as well as freeing customers to view their eBook on as many devices as they wish

eBook Personalisation and Watermarking for Magento and Wordpress, Providing a safe alternative to traditional DRM
  • Each eBook sold is made uniquely identifiable with watermarking and personalisation features
  • All visible and personalised information is optional and can be customised - Including Ex Libris & chapter footer text
  • Create your eBooks as ePubs and SocialDRM will convert them to MOBI. Providing you with access to all major eBook readers
  • Selling eBooks direct will increase your margins as our service is cheaper than selling through Apple or Amazon
  • Customers can enjoy their purchase even more with the freedom to view on as many of their devices as they wish

Social DRM

ONIX Shop-Sync = Faster Uploads

ONIX Shop-Sync will connect your ONIX software to your web site. Automatically creating & updating products and categories, removing the need to double-enter data every time a title changes

  • Manage all of your products from your ONIX software and have your website automatically reflect the changes
  • Save valuable time compared to entering the same changes twice, whilst also reducing the risk of human error
  • Automatically create and manage shop categories and assign products to them from within your ONIX software
  • Data validation and monitoring logs each ONIX change and flags any issues that have prevented a sync from completing
  • Make products available to Google Shopping with automatic uploads to Google Merchant Centre

Look-Inside = Stronger Sales

Look-Inside delivers a flipbook sample of each product - helping improve discoverability of content and providing your customers with increased confidence and awareness of what they are purchasing

Animated page turns offer a realistic book experience to your reader
Example: Page-Turning Viewer
Classic viewer allows your reader to scroll and click through the flat pages of your book
Example: Classic Viewer
  • Embed digital flipbooks on every product page to sample content and increase customer interaction
  • Publish samples to multiple platforms with maximum browser coverage via a simple PDF upload
  • Look-Inside viewer supports document searching and text highlighting as well as page turning animation
  • Search engine friendly samples increase the exposure of products to customers looking for specific content
  • Supports full range of hand gestures on touch enabled screens and operating systems for better engagement

Social DRM

How much does it cost

Pick any combination of our products to use on your site and find the price plan that suits you best.
Then get in touch and we'll create an account for you!

Pricing Table

FREE Plug-Ins, No Setup Costs!
There are no setup costs unless you’d like us to install and setup the plugins on your site for you.

Getting Started

Whether you’re ready to sign up, have some questions or want to chat over specific requirements we’d love to hear from you...

(i.e. Wordpress, Magento, Drupal)